Tattoo removal – Laser procedure guarantees effective results

Posted on 29 Aug, 2010

Tattoos have ruled the fashion scene for a long time now. Many people have got themselves inked. However, many people wish to get rid of their tattoos at a later stage in their life. Laser tattoo removal is the safest procedure to get rid of permanent tattoos.

Here is how the treatment works


High-intensity laser beams are directed at the inked area of the skin. These focussed light beams break the ink pigments into smaller particles. The ink pigments get flushed out of the skin through the body’s immune system. Black coloured tattoos are easiest to remove using lasers. Black pigment effectively absorbs lasers of all wavelengths, making the procedure simpler. Other colours like red can absorb only green coloured laser light. Different coloured tattoos require specific lasers depending on the pigment colour.


How to find a good surgeon?


A skilled dermatologist is necessary for safe execution of the procedure. You can consult your family physician who can suggest you names of qualified doctors to perform the surgery. You can even check the laser treatment clinic nearby to your place as well.

Who can benefit the most?


Every tattoo is unique and so the removal technique used should complement the particular tattoo. The earlier methods of tattoo removal were not good enough and most of them left ugly scars which were undesirable than the tattoo itself. Patients who have already undergone tattoo removal treatments in the past and were unhappy with the results are also good candidates for this treatment. There may be cases where the tattoo was not properly removed due to faulty treatment or home remedies. Laser treatment can be effective in such cases provided there is no excessive scarring.