Tattoo removal via laser

Posted on 25 Jan, 2011

Many people change their mind about their tattoos and wish to have them removed, and this is why laser tattoo removal is so popular nowadays. Here we answer a few basic questions about the procedure.
What are the advantages of laser tattoo removal?

The lasers permanently diffuse the embedded tattoo ink, and this ink will then leave your body over time. The tattoo is subjected to high energy pulsed laser light which breaks down the composition of the ink. This laser method does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin tissue as it can be specifically targeted.

How safe is the procedure?

There have been no known major complications with this method. Choosing an experienced laser skin treatment specialist will ensure that you experience no or very minimal side effects from the procedure.

Does the procedure cause any pain?

The application of high-intensity pulsed lasers is often described as feeling like the snapping of rubber bands on the skin. It may cause a certain degree of pain, but this is nothing to be worried about as it is usually only minimal. The level of discomfort often depends on the part of the body undergoing the procedure and an anaesthetic may be used before the procedure starts.