Celebrities and tattoos go hand in hand. Their love for tattoos knows no bounds. They also love to display their tattoos. However, gone are the days when celebrities used to love tattoos and used to display them with pride. No more pain and certainly no more inked impressions. Tattoos are passé. Many celebrities and their fans are surprisingly developing derision and dislike to tattoos.

Tattoo removal is the latest fad and is being conducted at a rapid pace. Tattoo removal clinics are facing a sudden rise in the number of individuals willing to remove their tattoos. These are the same men and women who had earlier queued up to have a tattoo imprinted on their arms and other body parts. This was obviously done to imitate their favourite celebrities.

Skin clinic experts associate this sudden change to the factor of age. Many people tend to lose interest in their tattoos with an eventual increase in age. This is indeed good news to skin clinics, endorsing tattoo removal sittings. Doctors said that they face clients with all sorts of reasons to remove tattoos. Some do it to look sophisticated, while some do it just to gain acceptance in the police forces or other corporate fields.

Doctors have come up with newer methods for tattoo removal. The usage of creams is one of the earlier methods which were used to remove tattoos. However, laser removal is the most preferred tattoo removal method adopted by doctors.

So, think twice before getting inked. Chances are bright that you might regret your decision during a later stage in life.