Unemployment in Spain is at record levels at the moment, meaning that competition for jobs is becoming more and more intense. An unexpected consequence of this is a steep rise in the demand for tattoo removal procedures.

And yet, it stands to reason. Although celebrity culture and society, in general, seem to have become more accepting of tattoos, it would appear that they can become an obstacle to employment when they are too large, too numerous or too visible.

While this tendency to remove tattoos has risen more dramatically in Spain, we could also see the same trend in the UK, as job opportunities decline and more and more candidates battle it out over a reduced number of vacancies.

Client-facing roles, executive roles and those in the public service may be more difficult to get into for those sporting ink, and so candidates may be faced with a difficult decision. Laser tattoo removal is not easy or fast and does involves repeated treatment sessions and a certain amount of discomfort.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, you should certainly take this into account when you are deciding what to have and where to put it!