Tattoos that outlive the relationships…

Posted on 13 Jun, 2011

The rise in celebrities having tattoos over the last few years has led to a fashion for them amongst the rest of us, too. The problem with fashion, however, is its temporary nature. Fashions come and go, but tattoos are much harder to get rid of than an old pair of shoes.

Relationships ending

I wonder whether this is the main reason for tattoo regret. During the honeymoon period of a relationship, the idea of it coming to an end may seem preposterous, and what better way to demonstrate your attachment to someone than by having their name branded indelibly onto your skin?

Unfortunately, this often ends in tattoo removal. Angelina Jolie had the name of her husband Billy Bob Thornton tattooed onto her arm. When their marriage ended after three years, she opted for laser removal and then replaced it with another tattoo, this time of her children’s’ birthplaces (a more considered choice, maybe…).

Charlie Sheen famously had the name of his ex-wife removed from his wrist using laser treatment, while Johnny Depp had ‘Winona Forever’ changed to ‘Wino Forever’ when his relationship proved less lasting than he had anticipated.

Some have gone even further and had faces rather than simple images or words tattooed onto various parts of their anatomy, and then found that laser tattoo removal is the only really effective way of having them removed when the relationships fail.