The Laser Treatment Clinic offers the best laser hair removal London has to offer, and yet you may feel that this type of treatment is a luxury reserved for the elite. Think again. Laser hair removal has many advantages:

• Take a minute to think about how much money you currently spend on hair removal treatments. Whether you depilate at home with razors, creams or wax; or whether you regularly visit salons for professional but temporary treatments, calculate how much money you spend every year on hair removal.

• Then remind yourself that you will need to continue doing this for many years to come… Laser hair removal in London may initially seem expensive, but not when you put the cost into the context of how much you will spend on treatments in the long term.

• Hair removal treatments can be time-consuming when done at home. Shaving needs to be done frequently to be effective, while waxing is messy and takes time, with results only lasting for a maximum of four weeks or so. In contrast, leg hair can be treated within a 60-minute session, resulting in impressive visible improvements. Once a course of treatment has been completed, you will be able to dispense with your razors and wax strips for good!