The Best Laser and Non-Laser Treatments for Dark Skin

Posted on 27 Oct, 2016

At The Laser Treatment Clinic one of the most popular skin care queries we receive daily is the best laser and non-laser treatments for dark skin and other common skin issues regarding treatment for those with dark skin, including black African, Asian and Arabic skin types,  as dark skin types have much more difficult to treat skincare problems. We specialise in Asian, Arabic and African Black Skin Care treatments and hyperpigmentation treatment, with over 17 years’ experience, with over a quarter of a million of these types of treatments successfully undertaken to date, we offer the best laser and non-laser treatment for dark skin.

Here we run through a few of the best treatments for dark skin on offer:

Derma White Treatment

As the only clinic that offers the exclusive and award-winning Derma White Treatment, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are experts when it comes to treating skin care concerns in dark skin. It is a safe and effective method to treat Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), which includes pigmented scarring, hormonal pigmentation, uneven skin tone, old scars, new scars, pigmentation from psoriasis, eczema, rashes, dermatitis and ingrown hairs, and common darker areas on the face and body such as the lips, under arms, knees, feet, buttocks and bikini area etc. You can find more information about these here.

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common skin care problems in darker skin, larger melanocytes can be easily triggered to produce pigment, therefore when damage occurs, such as in any of the cases listed above, the healing process can result in increased production of melanin around the site of the injury. This can cause permanent marks and darkening of the skin.

If you are looking for a much more even skin tone, then look no further, the Derma White Treatment will leave your skin glowing with a brighter, more even skin tone ensuring natural looking results.

It can be common for people to worry about certain types of treatment “lightning” the affected area, in some cases this is referred to as “whitening”. We ensure this practice does not happen at The Laser Treatment Clinic, using only our specially formulated products to combine with laser treatment to help you achieve the look you have been longing for.


Bridging the gap between topical skin care and cutting edge non-invasive treatments, the Ultra Derma White Duo offers two products that work together with our advanced skin treatments to give the optimum results like never available before to these skin types. You can read more about this here. Providing an effective treatment to help you achieve a more even skin tone, and minimise the appearance of PIH with permanent results.

We offer a free consultation to ensure you understand the process undertaken with Derma white treatment, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident about the end result we hope to achieve for you.

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