The Best Skin Care Products For Dark Skin

Posted on 02 Dec, 2016

At this time of year, you are probably on the hunt for some gifts for your loved ones, it’s often hard to determine what kind of skin care and beauty products will suit certain skin types, and for those with dark skin including Black African, Asian and Arabic skin types it’s important to find the right products that will work to complement the skin!

The Laser Treatment Clinic has a range of products that are perfect for to be wrapped up and popped under the tree at Christmas; keep reading for some of our favourite skin care products for dark skin.

Ultra Smooth Sea Polish

Give the gift of Beautiful Skin this Christmas with our Ultra Smooth Sea Polish cream, which works to refine the pores across the skin and improve texture, fighting blemishes, and uneven skin tone across the face leaving the skin incredibly clear and radiant with its skin rejuvenating and brightening properties.

The Ultra Smooth Sea Polish is an easily absorbed ultra-fine diatomaceous marine earth algae , with no parabens, paraffin oil or PEG-derivate, perfumes and colouring agents, it’s the perfect product to stimulate the formation of collagen to refine contours and protect the skins structure.

Ultra-Light Derma White Duo

These products are perfect to work harmoniously to promote healthy and youthful looking skin, correcting any pigmentation problems and giving a refreshed confidence to those that may have lost it through damage to their skin.

The Ultra-Light Derma White Duo works in synergy to give maximum results that will leave your skin brighter and more radiant, containing an exclusive blend of sae naturally active alpine herbs, clinically tested and with proven efficacy in lightening and brightening pigmented skin, caused by sun damage, brown spots, acne scarring and uneven skin tone across the face and body.

We have a range of super gentle skin care products that are just perfect for use on dark skin, with gift vouchers available too, take a look at our full Marine Skincare range for more information.