For many people, stretch marks are a constant source of embarrassment. These marks can result in an inferiority complex as they deeply affect self-esteem. Stretch marks occur due to weight gain, puberty and pregnancy in most cases. If these marks are causing problems with self-image then it can be advisable to have them removed.

Consult your doctor initially so that they can examine your skin type and suggest a treatment for the stretch marks accordingly. They may suggest cocoa butter however this is more of a preventative measure. The best treatment for stretch mark removal is laser treatment. The marks tend to appear reddish when they are new and they then turn into white scars. Laser treatment will get rid of these scars totally in as fast and painless away as possible.

Laser treatment clinics take stringent measures to maintain the condition of your skin throughout the treatment so that no damage is caused to the skin unaffected by the stretch marks.

Keeping your skin moisturised is the best way to prevent stretch marks before they occur. Make sure that you drink plenty of water, keeping hydrated all the time, and use gentle moisturisers applied to the skin in problems areas, such as the belly, bottom and thighs.