The best way to remove stretch marks is by using laser treatment

Posted on 04 Jun, 2010

Stretch marks often appear on the body where the skin is excessively stretched. And, they usually occur due to rapid weight gain such as when you are pregnant. Stretch marks occur in areas where fat is stored such as the upper arms, abdomen, breasts, buttocks, and thighs. Though they might not pose any health risks, they can, however, be depressing for those people who have them.

Our skin has 3 different layers known as the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous stratum. Stretch marks mostly appear on the dermis, a resilient layer that helps the skin to retain its original shape. If the dermis undergoes constant stretching for long periods of time, your skin can lose its elasticity and become loose. This might damage the small connective fibres within your skin and lead to stretch marks. These stretch marks take place in the middle layer of the skin and no creams can repair the damage done to that layer.

How can you treat stretch marks? – Stretch marks can be treated efficiently using laser treatment. A handheld device that consists of fine medical grade crystals is used over the skin. This is a painless procedure and you will not feel anything more than a sharp scratching sensation.

After the treatment, your skin might have spots of blood or small scabs that take about a week to heal. The intensity of the pressure applied depends upon the severity of your stretch marks. The benefit of the stretch mark removal treatment is that it works in harmony with the natural structure of your skin tissue.

So, get rid of those ugly stretch marks with the help of laser stretch mark removal.