When stretch marks occur, they do not discriminate based on aspects like gender bias and status quo. They can happen to anyone. Right from well-known celebrities to a nobody, everyone is gripped with this fear. Male stretch marks can be more common than we think. Stretch marks occur simply due to a quick expansion and reduction of the skin, for example during pregnancy for a woman. It can affect many parts of the body, from stomachs to legs and breasts to bottoms.

Stretch marks can be unpleasant and tend to last for the long term. However, science has been developing methods to take care of them once and for all. Our skin is divided into three layers. These are the epidermis, endodermis and lower strata. Due to rapid excessive pressure, such as gaining weight quickly, the skin gets stretched. This is when the stretch marks start to show up. Stretch marks begin as thread-like lines. Later they advance to a thick texture. These marks are shiny and silver/white in colour. They may eventually fade after a very long time. The quickest way to get away the stretch mark is with laser stretch marks removal.

As mentioned earlier, stretch marks affect both men and women. They vary in texture and skin colour; they may be light around the breast and arms. Whatever is the colour of the marks, the laser method helps erase all of them.