The dangers of DIY Tattoos

Posted on 23 Jun, 2011

Some people simply change their minds, their look or their lover, and decide they need tattoo removal treatment. Some need to have their tattoo removed because it was a botched job, and this situation is likely to become more common unless tighter laws are brought in to control the sale of equipment to illegal tattoo artists.

At the moment, amateur artists, with no knowledge of health and safety, can purchase these DIY kits online easily and cheaply. Although it is illegal for them to take money in exchange for a tattoo, the availability of these kits and the rise in popularity of tattoos is encouraging amateurs to ‘have a go’.

There is major concern that unqualified and inexperienced people are using these kits, which are of questionable quality and can cause the spread of infection and disease if not sterilised correctly.

Another worry for those being tattooed should also be the quality of the work itself. Even if the equipment is clean, and the practitioner understands the importance of working correctly, as a backstreet artist, there is no guarantee that they have the experience to produce a successful design without creating scars.

Unwanted tattoos are not easy to remove. Laser treatment is the most effective method for tattoo removal, as it breaks up the pigment in the skin. With the increasing sales of these kits, the demand for laser treatment for the removal of amateur tattoos may also be on the rise.