Acne can be a distressing problem. It leaves scars on your skin and can affect your self confidence. Doctors prescribe various treatments to reduce acne scars depending on a patient’s medical background and skin type. Mentioned below are some of the treatments that can be used.


Microdermabrasion is an effective therapy to cure acne. In this process, aluminum oxide is used to remove the outer layer of the affected skin. This polishes the scarred skin and evens out its tone. Although effective, the process is lengthy and works slowly.

Using chemical peels

There are various chemical peels available in the market. Doctors prescribe these peels depending on the severity of the scarring. Chemical peels with alpha droxy acids are used to treat mild scars while phenol based peels are used to treat harsher blemishes. Chemical peels are also used to free blocked skin pores and reduce fading marks.

Using tea tree oil and green tea to cure acne

Tea tree oil is a natural way of treating acne. It is anti-bacterial and does not have any side effects. Tea tree oil also works to reduce redness and soreness. Green tea is also another popular therapy used in treating acne. It evens the skin tone and soothes the affected skin tissues. Using green tea is a slow process of treating acne.

Using lasers to treat acne

Laser treatment is the most commonly used therapy to cure acne. Doctors prescribe laser therapy because it is quick and safe. Laser treatment is also a permanent solution to acne scarring and can also be used to treat redness.