The Effective Solution to Eliminate Stretch Marks Suffering from stretch marks can be a difficult and often unmanageable thing to live with. It can make you feel unattractive and can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. In order to tackle this problem, you must know where to turn to, which is why we have an effective laser removal solution designed to minimise, reduce and eliminate stretch marks of all severities. You no longer have to feel anxious or self-conscious about your stretch marks because our solution, and the results it can reach, will help you to gain your confidence back.

Who gets stretch marks and where do they occur?

It’s a common myth that stretch marks only affect pregnant women. Many adolescents and athletes that undergo strenuous and repetitive exercise are also susceptible. Harsh skincare products such as illegal lightening creams can also cause the problem of stretch marks and they are commonly found on the breasts, thighs, upper arms and buttocks, but generally anywhere where the skin has been considerably stretched.

The treatment

Stretch marks no longer have to be a burden because, with our cutting edge laser treatment, we can safely remove or fade stretch marks of all colours – on various different skin types – by 75%. With permanent results, this solution will help your skin to feel naturally healthy again, so you can finally get that quality of life back you once had. But, what does it entail?

Firstly, you need to book a free consultation where you will be made to feel completely comfortable and at ease with our sympathetic and friendly team of experts. During the consultation process, the consultant will recommend a course of action depending on the severity of the stretch marks and the aftercare in which you should take.

Following on from this, the consultant will fully explain the process and will use industry-leading treatments such as the Marine Boost Treatment, which consists of Advanced Peel/Medical Microdermabrasion treatment with Marine Boost skincare. This is an advanced form of skin exfoliation that encourages rejuvenation and you should feel no more than a sharp scratching sensation, as a result. The Laser Ultrasonic is then applied and this helps to raise the active metabolism of the skin cells.

After the treatment, it is common for the treated area to experience some blood spots. This usually takes about a week to heel. Inflammation is also a common factor, which is why we recommend you use Marine Boost skincare in the months following your treatment to achieve and maintain maximum results.

The results

In most cases, Marine Boost Treatment is very effective and can achieve a dramatic, visual fading of stretch marks within the first few sessions. We have found that on average, a patient is will normally require between 6-12 sessions before the treatment is fully obvious. However, this depends on the individual.

We pride ourselves on our unique and successful treatment and use the most advanced technology to help you reach high-quality results. For more information, read our client reviews and book your free consultation today!

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