The end of waxing as Laser Hair Removal proves more effective and permanent

Posted on 09 Oct, 2013


The end of waxing as Laser Hair Removal proves more effective and permanent hair removal is a concern for a large number of people. This concern spans different age groups, different cultures and different genders. Most common forms of hair removal involve waxing, shaving, tweezing and laser hair removal. Most common areas of concern and quick areas to treat range from the underarms and bikini hair to facial hair removal to larger areas such as the legs and arms.

The process of removing hair through waxing involves the hair becoming embedded within a sticky substance and being ripped from the skin. Growth usually appears after a two week period. The process of removing hair through laser hair removal involves heat/pulses delivered into the hair follicles and over multiple treatments, this process stops the production of hair altogether.
In recent years, waxing has become largely unpopular. This may be due to risk of infection, high intensity of pain and/or other more permanent methods becoming more readily available. Although there is not an exact statistic, cases of women admitted to hospital due to bacterial infection after a bikini wax have been reported.

Waxing is not only painful but can cause damage to the skin by ripping the hair out of the follicle. This removes a protective skin layer and may leave a wound under the surface. Whenever a foreign substance is applied to an open wound, the body gives bacteria an opportunity to enter, which can create inflammation. This paves the way for skin infections, folliculitis, ingrown hairs, pigmentation and saggy skin.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment poses a safer and permanent alternative to removing hair with virtually pain-free removal and in approximately the same or less amount of time. Typically, the interval between sessions are spaced a month apart and an average of 6 sessions are required for most people. Areas such as the bikini, underarm and facial hair removal is a quick, tidy and an effective form of removal without the tear and infection common to waxing.

So what’s not to love about laser hair removal? Whilst the initial cost of waxing may be lower than the initial cost of laser hair removal. Over time, the cost of waxing does exceed the cost of laser hair removal as unlike laser hair removal, waxing is non-permanent and requires lifelong maintenance sessions.

With laser technology improving each year, laser hair removal is fast becoming the trend to remove unwanted facial and body hair. So why not book a free consultation with a the Laser Treatment Clinic, a leading expert skin clinic with 15 years experience in the industry.


Written: Sophie Hafez