The risk of developing chronic skin condition rosacea usually appears after the age of thirty. The first sign is generally an increased tendency to flush or blush. This may not be particularly noticeable at first, and many people are not diagnosed with rosacea in the early stages.

Gradually, the central areas of the face (the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) become a deeper red, and this increased colour does not fade as the first flushes did. Red bumps may also start to appear on the skin as inflammatory cells leak out of the affected blood vessels. In severe or advanced cases, visible thread veins can appear, and the nose tissue can start to thicken, resulting in a misshapen or bulbous nose.

If you have recently started to notice a tendency to blush, particularly in certain situations (when drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods, in hot weather etc.), then you should consult your doctor. If rosacea is treated early, you will have more chance of effectively managing the condition. Rosacea treatment using IPL can also help to reduce certain symptoms, such as thread veins and redness.