The hair-replacement tattoo that faded away

Posted on 05 Mar, 2012

A builder from Harrogate found out to his cost the risks involved in getting hair tattooed onto his head to camouflage his receding hairline. The man, who had been researching the options open to him, happened upon a website extolling the virtues of having a crew-cut tattooed onto his scalp.

The price, however, put him off, so when he received a phone call from an ‘employee’ offering to tattoo his head for half the price at her own house, he accepted.

Unfortunately, he ended up with ink that ran and a tattoo that quickly faded away, leaving him with something more embarrassing that a lack of hair. He ended up needing to have corrective work done, provided by a local tattooist.

This should be a warning for those who are tempted to undertake a similar endeavour. While in this case, the ink faded too quickly, people could end up with a permanently botched job unless they choose their tattooist carefully.

If the hairline looks unnatural or uneven, the replica ‘follicles’ are the wrong size or density, or if the colour is inappropriate, laser tattoo removal may be the only option.