The importance of choosing a laser specialist

Posted on 03 Jan, 2012

Laser hair removal offers various advantages when compared with other methods of hair removal. Shaving can be a chore and can result in cuts and irritated skin. Waxing provides longer-lasting results, but it can also cause hairs to grow underneath the skin.

Using a laser to remove hairs allows for hair-free skin for much, much longer. The hair is destroyed at the root, and the hair follicle’s capacity to regenerate and produce new hair is eliminated. While a course of treatment is generally required, once it has been completed, repeat treatments are necessary no more than once a year.

While this treatment is highly effective, it requires expertise if it is to be carried out safely and professionally. Lasers can cause damage such as scarring and pigmentation problems to the skin if they are operated by an inexperienced staff and this damage can be permanent.

If you are considering getting hair removed in this way, it is essential to check the clinic’s credentials before committing yourself to treatment. The Laser Treatment Clinic has been operating for over a decade and provides the best laser hair removal London has to offer.