Laser treatment is one of the most efficient and quickest ways to clear away blemishes, scars and rejuvenate the skin. This is why this procedure for skin defects is one of the most sought after treatments currently on the market. There is even a laser cure for getting rid of undesirable tattoos.

Why laser tattoo removal?

The laser is preferred to other methods of tattoo removal like dermabrasion and excision as the latter operations are rather painful and generally leave a noticeable scar on the body.

The benefits of laser treatment over other tattoo removal procedures

The laser is a more effective method of removing a tattoo as the instrument is designed to penetrate the upper layers without causing any damage to the skin. It removes the tattoo pigments that are located deep within the skin. It is generally recommended that the tattoo removal procedure should be carried out without the use of painkillers. However, if the tattoo is located in an awkward location or the patient is averse to pain, then regional anaesthesia may be called for.

How long does tattoo removal take?

Laser tattoo treatment requires several visits to the skin specialist, depending on the size and moreover, the colours that are present in the tattoo.

It would be absurd to believe that laser tattoo removal does not have any after-effects, yet they only last for a short period of time.