It is a common misconception to think that sunshine can have a beneficial effect on your acne. While a tan may seem to camouflage any post-inflammatory redness or spots, inflicting further damage on skin that is already fragile is not a good idea.

For, if your skin is tanned, it is already damaged. When sunlight strikes the skin, the pigment melanin is produced and a tan appears. This extra melanin production is a defensive reaction and indicates that the skin has already been exposed to risk.

If you suffer from active acne, then the general advice is to use a sunblock and to protect your complexion, rather than expose it. Just make sure that you choose your sunblock wisely and go for one that is non-comedogenic, as you do not want to further congest your skin.

It is also essential to keep up a thorough skincare routine during the summer months; as we sweat more in the heat, this sweat is likely to become accumulate on the surface of the skin, sticking the dead and dull cells together and creating plugs in pores.