With the increased heat, humidity and sweat, your face will be the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that cause the inflammation and infection that can make acne so hard to live with. Laser treatment targets and eliminates these bacteria and thus reduces the likelihood of pustules and other sore, red blemishes.

You may need a course of treatment, but the results can make all the difference to your confidence and the condition of your skin. If you no longer have active acne, but have been left with scarring that is difficult to conceal and is affecting your self-confidence, there is another treatment that may produce positive results.

Microdermabrasion and laser therapy is designed to remove the damaged superficial layers of skin: think deep exfoliation. This treatment can significantly reduce the appearance of acne scarring, both in terms of the indentation and colour of the blemish site. It will also remove any other signs of sun damage or ageing, and reveal new skin and an improved texture.

A laser is applied following the deep exfoliation in order to stimulate the body’s natural healing process as well as the production of collagen, leaving you with firmer, plumper and clearer skin. Just make sure you do your best to keep it that way when the sun makes an appearance!