The perfect solution to get rid of acne scarring

Posted on 23 Apr, 2011

It is a general observation that severe acne cases can result in extensive acne scarring. These acne scars can be a source of worry and low self-esteem for a lot of people.

Scars are caused by the growth of the keloids. These are the connecting tissues that replace scars. These keloids keep growing even after the wound has been completely closed. This makes the wound mark much more visible. These atrophic scars are usually slightly depressed or flat.

Acne scarring can be dealt with using laser acne treatment. The experts treating you are aware of the effect of these scars on self-esteem. The duration of the treatment is judged based on the condition of the acne scarring.

How does this treatment work?

Laser therapy is used to carry out gentle exfoliation of the skin. This boosts the renewal of skin cells and removes superficial epidermal layers without causing further damage as it exposes new skin that is fresh and radiant.

Laser treatment increases the rate of cell rejuvenation and the production of collagen which in turn makes the skin smoother and clearer. These treatments are the best option that technology can offer.
It is always better to consult a licensed dermatologist if you have any apprehensions and queries about these treatments.