The possible causes of rosacea

Posted on 15 Dec, 2011

Rosacea can be a tricky skin condition to diagnose, as it can take time to be identified and some symptoms can be confused with other conditions. There are various possible causes of this chronic skin condition, although none of them has been proven to be the true cause of rosacea.

The redness and thread veins that are typical of the condition have led to many believing that the problem is of a vascular order. There are also theories about the possibility of the nervous system playing a part in the condition, as it can often flare up when a patient is under stress.

Some believe that another symptom, namely the thickening of the skin, could also be aggravated by the increased blood flow. They think that the body is unable to remove the build-up of fluids quickly enough and that this can also result in a thickening of tissues.

Other theories have involved mites that live on human skin and bacteria present in the digestive system. Unfortunately, as the exact causes of the condition are unknown, this makes it difficult to treat effectively.
Rosacea treatment can address the symptoms, however, and IPL can greatly reduce the redness and thread veins associated with the condition.