Skincare is big business with companies always looking for the next big thing, the latest developments, and the most powerful ingredients. While these innovations are what can help set products apart in a competitive environment, it can be difficult for consumers to figure out which products they should be using.

In reality, scientifically backed formulations and natural ingredient are still the most effective when it comes to treating a wide range of skin concerns. This is why ZAHEDA skincare has been created using only the highest quality naturally derived actives and formulated in collaboration with expert cosmetic scientists to create products that will deliver visible results.

Using our decades of expertise in treating skin concerns, we exclusively offer the ZAHEDA skincare range and are incredibly proud of the results it delivers to our clients. Whether its to support your in-clinic treatments or simply part of your current routine, the products in the range support your skin’s natural barrier and are rich in powerful actives, minerals and vitamins to create a youthful appearance.

So, what exactly makes the ZAHEDA skincare line so effective?

Marine Botanicals

The secret of the entire range of products lies in the marine botanicals used in the formulation, with the hero ingredient being Wakame Sea Kelp. An incredibly resilient type of kelp native to Japan, Wakame is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that works in synergy with your skin to restore and maintain smooth skin texture and a plump appearance.

The phytessence wakame extracted from the sea kelp works wonders on the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and immune system supporting properties. If that wasn’t impressive enough, this marine botanical also works wonders on your skin’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid. It inhibits the enzyme responsible for attacking the hyaluronic acid produces by your skin, which in turn helps to improve skin smoothness and elasticity with continued use.

Wakame has also been proved to help with the other biggest cause of signs of ageing: loss of collagen. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less of this protein, leading to a loss of elasticity and skin sagging. The same enzyme responsible for breaking down hyaluronic acid – hyaluronidase – is also what prevents the skin from being able to produce new collagen structures as you age. So, by adding wakame sea kelp into your skincare routine, you can target not one but two major signs of ageing: hydration and skin elasticity.