The removal of unwanted hair is now possible with laser treatment

Posted on 26 Feb, 2010

The laser hair removal method helps patients to undergo a harmless and effective treatment for getting rid of unwanted body hair.

If you are one of many patients facing the problem of excessive hair growth then make sure that you consider laser treatment. This is because it is quick and painless compared with other hair removal methods. Before undergoing the treatment, make sure that you know how laser treatment works.

The procedure

During this process, a ray of light is shone onto the skin which needs to be treated. This beam of light passes safely through the skin and is absorbed by the pigments which are present in the hair shaft or follicles. The laser targets the melanin in the follicles to completely stop the hair growth.

To ensure that the hair growth is completely stopped, high-tech lasers are used in the area. In addition to this, several sessions within a gap of seven to thirteen weeks will make sure that the hair will not grow again.

Laser hair removal treatment can work on any skin tone and with any hair colour.

Once the treatment is over, you may notice a bit of redness and swelling on the treated areas but they will disappear in no time. Immediately after the treatment, you can resume your normal life.