The rise of the male fashion industry in recent years has resulted in an increasing interest in male grooming and appearance. As more and more male grooming products fill the shelves, men are being encouraged to take more pride in the way they look. And whereas hair removal was once the realm of the female, men are increasingly removing more than just their beards.

As women aim for smoother, hair-free skin, they also seem to appreciate the same in their men. And so, men are now faced with the same problem that has plagued women for years: which hair removal method to choose.

Shaving can be fine for the chin, but less so for limbs, torso or the back. The hair grows back quickly, with unsightly stubble appearing soon after. Waxing is, well, painful, and can cause hairs to grow back under the skin. This can be painful and even cause scarring.

Thankfully, laser hair removal London offers another less painful and time-consuming way to smoother skin. By denaturing the hair follicle, regrowth is prevented without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. Any part of the body can be treated, and the long-lasting result makes it ideal for those areas that are difficult to reach, such as shoulders and backs.