The rising popularity of tattoos

Posted on 18 Jun, 2012

In recent years, tattoos have come to be seen more like fashion accessories; and we are not talking about tiny, discreet little inkings… The days of the little birds or dolphins in places that are easy to conceal have been replaced by extensive tattoos that are constantly on show.

For men, celebrities like David Beckham have shown the way; as he has added to his collection of personal and rather sentimental tattoos, they have gradually spread to cover his back, necks and arms… Female actresses, singers and reality celebs have followed suit, with an increasing tendency to have tattoos in places like the forearm, ribcage, lower back etc.

While there is nothing wrong with this per se, it obviously has an effect on the wider population, setting trends that the rest of us mere mortals are only too eager to follow. With a fifth of all young people returning from holiday with a tattoo and many more getting one at home, it is no surprise that interest in laser tattoo removal is rising.

For while some people’s tattoos may be their pride and joy, for others the pride soon turns to embarrassment, and a large proportion of people experience tattoo regret shortly after taking the plunge.