Recent years have seen an increasing tendency for women to remove more and more body hair. The new body ideal requires smooth and hair-free skin. This trend has not been limited to women, and more and more men are also now aiming for the same hairless appearance.

Whereas hair removal has been practised in history for reasons of hygiene or even as a symbolic ritual to mark the end of adolescence, today’s reasons are rather more superficial. Fashion and changing attitudes to appearance and aesthetic ideals have resulted in this taste for hair-free skin.

It is now commonly thought that having less hair makes a person more attractive to a potential partner and that many men even opt for hair removal on request of their other half.

So, men are now faced with the same predicament as women: how to remove that unwanted excess body hair! Shaving has to be undertaken more frequently, waxing can be incredibly painful and cause hairs to grow back under the surface of the skin.

More and more men are therefore turning to the laser to keep them hair-free for longer. For the best laser hair removal London has to offer, The Laser Treatment Clinic can provide expert treatment.