Thousands and possibly even millions of people every year choose to have laser hair removal treatment carried out. They do so to improve their appearance and eliminate any self-confidence issues that excess and unwanted body can cause.

If you are thinking about getting in touch with a laser hair removal London clinic, you may find it useful to know a bit more about the science behind the treatment.

How laser hair removal works

At your laser treatment clinic, your skin specialist will use a laser to carry out the procedure. There are different lasers used by different clinics, but the ideal device will be one that can be tailored to the person’s hair colour and skin type and programmed to the most effective wavelength.

This laser is applied to the skin in pulses. Using the melanin in the hair as a pathway, the laser can target each hair follicle and hair shaft. It causes the temperature in these areas to rise to around 65°C to 70°C, which is the temperature needed to destroy the germinative cells which are responsible for hair growth. This causes active hair follicles to effectively die so that they are unable to regrow hair.