Most people who are suffering from acne will not need to have the symptoms explained to them. Having the odd spot does not mean that you are suffering from acne, and teenage skins in particular can suffer from the occasional outbreak without developing full-blown acne.

Mild to moderate active acne is generally considered to describe skin that feels and looks excessively shiny and greasy, due to an increased production of sebum. Blemishes include whiteheads and blackheads, and these can affect various areas of the body: face, back and chest.

Active acne can worsen if inflammation or infection occurs. If the infection takes hold close to the surface of the skin, red and painful spots filled with pus can appear. Deeper infections result in the nodules and cysts that are associated with sever active acne.

Complications can arise from these nasty spots that can result in long-lasting or even permanent damage. Scarring can be caused by infection, inflammation and damage sustained by the skin if it has been squeezed or picked.

A combination of microdermabrasion and IPL can greatly help reduce the appearance of these unwelcome reminders. The surface of the skin is smoother and redness reduced.