The tell-tale signs of rosacea

Posted on 10 Jan, 2012

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that usually affects people over thirty years of age. It can cause problems in both men and women and can affect those who have enjoyed clear and healthy skin for all of their lives.

The problem with rosacea is due to the fact that it is often confused with other, more embarrassing conditions such as excessive alcohol consumption due to the permanent redness of the complexion. The pimples associated with rosacea can also be mistakenly identified as acne, which can also delay diagnosis.

If your skin is displaying the following symptoms, then it would be worth your while obtaining an expert opinion and finding out which rosacea treatment will work best for you:

• Excessive redness or flushing of the face
• Dilated blood vessels, resulting in noticeable thread veins
• Pimples and whiteheads
• A thickening of the skin, particularly around the nose. In severe cases, the nose can become greatly enlarged, bulbous and red.

While the condition cannot be cured, it can be managed. Certain factors have been found to act as triggers, and once these have been identified they can be controlled. IPL can also help greatly at reducing the redness caused by increased blood flow to the face.