The time span of laser tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 24 Mar, 2010

Generally, tattoos are created with the help of electric tattoo machines which have sharp needles attached to them. The tip of the needles moves up and down into the skin applying ink. Often, people’s enthusiasm for their tattoo wanes, or they find it impractical as they get older. In these cases, it is pertinent to explore laser tattoo removal treatment.

This form of treatment helps in removing the tattoos effectively. The lasers are focused on the ink present in the tattoos. This breaks the tattoos in small parts which are removed by the immune system of the body.


Generally, several sessions are required to completely remove tattoos from the skin. The time required for removing tattoos depends on various factors. The size and colour of tattoos play an important role in influencing the time required to remove body art. Black is one of the simplest colours that can be removed by lasers, as they absorb the light most readily. Other colours like red, blue and green use different advanced lasers and they also take more time.

After the session is over, ice is often applied to the treated area. It is also recommended to protect that skin area from sunlight for better results.