The trouble with tattoos

Posted on 02 Jun, 2011

Tattoos used to be considered as a permanent marking and the ideals and feelings held by a person would be forever etched upon their skin. Times change, however, and tattooed statements no longer have the same life span as their hosts.

As the feelings that motivated or inspired the choice of tattoo fade, the tattoo itself can become a source of embarrassment, and a significant number of people feel regret once they have had the tattoo done:

• Visible tattoos on areas such as the face, neck and arms may discourage potential employers if they dislike the impression given by the tattoos.

• Names of former partners may provoke awkward questions from a new or current partner, and be an unwelcome daily reminder of a past relationship.

• Tattoos with negative associations or connotations representative of a person’s past may hinder them from making positive changes in their lives.

• People can develop allergies to the ink in their tattoos, or infection can occur in recent tattoos.

• Tattoo degradation can occur over time; for example, tattoos can become stretched or distorted during pregnancy.

Whatever the reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo, the most effective tattoo removal treatment uses lasers. It is a safe way to remove body tattoos and cosmetic, semi-permanent make-up tattoos, and is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people look for tattoo removal treatments that work.