Laser hair removal treatments have become very popular all over the world with more and more people opting for this kind of surgery. There a few misconceptions about the hair removal treatment which should be straightened out.

Myth: laser hair removal only works on certain skin colours

Laser hair removal treatment can be performed effectively on many skin tones today. Previous lasers used for this treatment performed the surgery by targeting contrasting colours. However, with advancements in technology, the Lumenis laser came to be introduced. This laser targets the hair follicle and does not affect the surrounding skin meaning that people of skin colour can have the treatment.

Myth: laser hair removal is painful

In most cases, laser hair removal is not painful. The treatment may only cause pain when treating sensitive areas. Any soreness that is experienced is short-lived and is not enough to warrant putting off necessary treatment.

Myth: laser hair removal is expensive

If you consider the benefits that this treatment offers, then it puts the cost into perspective. This treatment will get rid of unwanted hair permanently and only requires a small number of sessions. The treatment is a more cost-effective way of removing hair than daily or weekly methods.