There is a better hair removal option than waxing or shaving

Posted on 25 Aug, 2012

If you are like most women, you will spend quite a bit of time on personal grooming. A big part of the average woman’s grooming routine is hair removal, usually achieved through:

Shaving – using a wet or an electric razor, hairs can be cut and removed close to the skin, leaving a smooth finish. Hair grows back quite quickly with this method, and there are also issues with unsightly stubble in between shaves.
Waxing – this involves using hot wax and fabric strips to rip the hair out at the routes, actively pulling it out of its follicles. This is a more long-lasting method than shaving, but it can be incredibly painful and difficult to do yourself.
Using depilatory cream – these creams and foams are designed to dissolve hair after a few minutes. However, they are usually messy, time-consuming and impractical to use, and hair grows back relatively fast.

Laser hair removal treatment is far better than any of these methods, and this is because:

• It only needs to be done once (through one course of treatment)
• It is a long-term solution
• It can save you huge amounts of time, effort and money removing unwanted hair
• It is relatively painless – people who have had the treatment say they only experienced mild discomfort