You need to take real care when seeking to remove scars from dark skin to avoid causing more damage to the skin. Here are three key things you need to know about scar removal treatment for dark skin.

Harsh Chemicals cause more damage to your skin

There are many topical products that promise to remove scars from dark skin and give a more radiant looking skin, but many of these products contain harsh chemicals that cause damage to the skin. Some of this damage can be irreversible and cause your skin to become more of a problem for you.

Many treatments and chemicals work against the skin’s natural harmony

There are many harsh treatments and products available on the market, which promise to remove scars, but have many side effects because they do not work in harmony with the makeup of your skin. As an example, skin lightening creams and harsh abrasive products end up upsetting your natural skin balance which triggers further scarring to the affected areas and also causes pigmentation in dark skins.

Time heals all wounds

When it comes to scar removal, time literally does heal all wounds. Many of the products and treatments that promise immediate instantaneous results usually use harmful acids and chemicals that cause long-term damage to the skin.

Scar removal treatment requires some patience and commitment to safe treatments and products in order to see lasting results.

Seek expert advice

To avoid opting for a treatment that will cause you more damage and cost you more in the long run, we advise that you seek advice from an expert who understands the particular needs of dark skin and is experienced in scar removal treatment for black skin in particular.

Established in 2000, at The Laser Treatment Clinic, we have successfully treated dark skin for 17 years and offer a range of safe and effective scar removal treatments.

Our marine boost treatment and acne scar removal treatments provide a safe and effective removal of acne scars and other scars caused, for example, by lightening creams or skin infections like eczema.

Marine Boost Treatment

Our marine boost treatment permanently removes scars from dark skins by encouraging the skins natural rejuvenation process stimulating collagen growth which produces an even skin texture.

Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Our marine boost and laser treatment is a popular choice for many of our clients. It also offers permanent results and works perfectly with your skin’s natural composition, leaving you with beautiful skin you can be proud of.

We are available to help you today – just contact us to discuss your options.