Things you must know about laser tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 09 Aug, 2010

People who ink their body might feel like getting rid of their tattoo at a later stage. If you have a tattoo and wish to remove it then laser tattoo removal treatment is a perfect option. Compared to other traditional methods, laser tattoo removal treatment is painless, offering positive results.

Once you have decided to opt for the laser tattoo removal procedure, consult a qualified doctor. He/she will examine the tattoo and then perform the removal treatment. Today, high-tech lasers are introduced in the medical field to remove ink traces from your body. Before undergoing a laser tattoo removal treatment, you have to know about the procedure.

How lasers work on tattoos

During the laser treatment, the doctor uses a device which emits lasers beams on the tattoo. The main function of these laser pulses is to break the tattoo pigments into small particles. These tiny particles are then removed by the immune system of your body. The time taken to remove tattoos depends on various factors such as:

• The ink used in tattoos
• Colours included in tattoos
• Size of the tattoos

It has been observed that large tattoos with bright colours like green, yellow and blue take more time than black tattoos to remove.

Special care of the skin is required after the treatment. Make sure that the treated skin is not exposed directly to the sun and follow all aftercare advice.