Things you should know about tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 10 Apr, 2010

Many people find tattoos very appealing, particularly young people, who opt to get body art as part of the lifestyle they adhere to. Sometimes attitudes change however and they want to remove the tattoos they once admired. Laser tattoo removal treatment is gaining popularity these days, as it offers greater benefits than other methods.

In the laser tattoo removal process, short pulses of high-intensity light are used. They pass through the skin and are then absorbed by the ink present in the tattoo. Due to this, the pigment dissolves into small particles which are ultimately removed by the immune system.

Before undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment, you need to understand various factors which influence the treatment.

Depth and density of the tattoo:

The depth and density of the ink in the tattoos play an important role in the removal process. It has been proved that old and faded tattoos can be removed effectively in fewer sessions.

Tattoo size:

The size of the tattoos also plays an important role in the removal process. Large-sized tattoos are much more difficult to remove than small ones.

Tattoo colours:

It has been proved that bright colours such as fluorescent green, blue and pink take more time to remove than blacks and reds. At present, different advanced lasers are used for removing different coloured inks.