Things You Should Know When Diagnosed with Rosacea

Posted on 16 Dec, 2021

As skin experts, with years of industry experience, the team at The Laser Treatment Clinic understand just how confusing a diagnosis can be. When diagnosed with rosacea, many patients are confused as to what they should do with their new diagnosis and how they should care for their skin moving forward. If this applies to you, we have provided some of our best advice for newly diagnosed rosacea patients in this latest blog.

Learn the triggers of your rosacea

For the number of people diagnosed with rosacea every year, each individual will experience a varying degree of symptoms. Rosacea can often flare up for a number of reasons, making your symptoms worse. To understand why a flare-up would occur, it is important to learn what triggers them. Research by various doctors and dermatologists have found several common triggers amongst the majority of rosacea sufferers. However, each individual case will be different. To learn your triggers, we recommend tracking any changes you make to your diet or skincare, noting when you started using a product or ingredient and how this affected your skin.

Some common triggers include:

  • alcohol
  • spicy foods
  • caffeine
  • hot drinks
  • aerobic exercise

Be gentle with your skin

When caring for skin that rosacea, we recommend a gentle skincare regimen. Use products that contain natural ingredients and do not irritate your skin. For example, the Marine Fluid Shine Free from the Zaheda Skincare range is one product we would recommend to patients with rosacea.

To protect your skin and to reduce the chances of a flare up, SPF is also vital in protecting the skin. Rosacea can make your skin much more sensitive to UV rays and these harmful rays can make your symptoms worse. You should be wearing SPF every day, despite what the weather is like.

Seek professional advice

When treating any new skin condition, it is vital you speak with a professional who can provide you with the best advice. You may have received your diagnosis from your GP but would like more information. For further advice speaking with a professional within dermatology and skincare would be useful.

Consider a rosacea skincare treatment

At our Harley Street Clinic, our team can offer you a skin consultation to discuss our rosacea treatment. Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, we can begin the rejuvenation process for your skin. The treatment is used to target the affected blood vessels below the skin’s surface. Targeting these blood vessels with our laser treatment will stimulate the body’s natural healing process. This will help to reduce the facial redness caused by your rosacea. Rosacea can appear across the face in a number of areas. Therefore, this treatment has been designed to work on various areas of the face. Including the cheeks, nose, and chin.

The team at The Laser Treatment Clinic have over 25 years of experience in treating a variety of skin conditions. If you would like more information from our team in regard to our rosacea treatments please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.