Think longer term for hair removal

Posted on 24 Nov, 2011

Hirsutism can create real problems for women that go well beyond worrying about having smooth legs for summer. Often caused by a disorder that is associated with excessive production of the male hormones androgens, women can find themselves with hair growing on their chin, chest and stomach.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is an example of a disorder that affects many women and can cause such symptoms. It can be terribly distressing for those affected by it and can have a real impact on self-confidence.

Excessive hair growth can cause real problems when it is very visible, although the hair on other areas of the body can also cause issues in relationships.

IPL can offer real relief to those suffering from excessive hair growth, whether on the body or the face. The treatment destroys the follicle that produces the hair so that the current hair falls out and the regrowth cycle is interrupted.

This treatment eliminates the need to use razors, creams or waxes, which can all cause associated problems. With years of experience and expertise, the best laser hair removal treatment London has to offer can be found at The Laser Treatment Clinic.