Now the prospect of summer holidays is finally on the horizon, you may already be dreaming of those two weeks you will spend soaking up the rays and relaxing on foreign shores. Everyone likes to come back from their holiday break sporting a ‘healthy’ looking tan, but maybe this year should be the start of a more long term approach!

While a sun-kissed look may make you feel more attractive, there is no denying the terrible damage that the sun’s rays can inflict on our skin. UV rays are capable of burning the skin, destroying collagen, enlarging pores, dilating blood vessels and causing uneven pigmentation.

If you ignore the advice to adequately protect your skin, you may find that after a while you start to look rather older than your years… Fine lines and wrinkles will appear as your skin’s supportive structure is damaged, age spots could begin to appear on your hands and face, and you could be left with skin that looks old and tired whether you have a tan or not.

Protection is always the best approach, but if you are already suffering from the effects of too much sun, then you could consider photo rejuvenation. It’s not a magic wand, but it can offer a much-improved and more youthful appearance if the your skin is showing the signs of premature ageing.