Thread veins, mostly affecting a person’s body, legs, face. sides of the nose and cheeks can be red in colour and a common occurrence. Although many people suffer with thread veins, some people find these things embarrassing and wish to get rid of them. Below, we explain how laser thread vein removal can help.

Thread veins can be related to alcohol consumption, temperature changes, hormonal changes, prolonged standing, impact on the skin from certain sports or smoking as well as being inherited. These thread veins can be removed by laser treatment. Laser thread vein removal can be performed on all affected areas including on the face, however the treatment is limited to fine red thread veins. For veins above this size it is recommended to use a procedure known as sclerotherapy. Laser treatment is the most advanced treatment used to treat thread veins.
How does it work?

During the laser vein removal procedure sensitive lasers are directly directed to the thread vein a process known as photothermolysis, in small bursts, causing them to heat. The high temperature directed onto these veins damage the walls of the blood vessels leading to closure of the vessels, which are later absorbed by the body.

With time these blood vessels diminish in size and finally disappear. Once treated like this, the veins never grow back however that doesn’t rule out the possibility of growth of new threads on the previously affected area.

How effective is the treatment, and does it hurt?

Laser treatment is very effective and does not hurt although there may be moderate discomfort when done on areas where there a cluster of veins. It’s worth noting that the side effects of this procedure are limited to crusts and scabs, swollen veins and blisters, so you’re not putting yourself at risk by having the procedure done.

If you’re considering thread vein removal, and have any further questions about laser treatment, then why not get in touch?


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