Three FAQs related to laser tattoo removal

Posted on 13 Dec, 2010

Tattoos are immensely popular amongst people of different age groups; however, there are now those who want to get rid of the tattoo. If you have a tattoo on your body and want to remove it then laser tattoo removal treatment is the best solution for you. Today, many people choose laser treatment because it offers quick results. Before undergoing the treatment, you need to know some facts about the laser tattoo removal process.

How do lasers remove tattoos?

Basically, the doctors use a device which throws an intense beam of light which is known as laser energy onto the tattoo. The main function of this light is to break the ink or tattoo down into many small fragments. These fragments are then removed by the immune system over some period of time. The best thing about this laser is that it does not affect the skin tissue cells.

Is the laser tattoo removal process painful?

Many people across the world harbour the misconception that laser treatment is painful, but this not true because topical anaesthesia is used before the treatment. This numbs the area and the patient does not feel any pain. There are many people who say lasers feel like the snapping of a rubber band.

How long will it take for the tattoo to be completely removed?

The number of treatment sessions depends on several factors such as the density and colour of the ink, location of the tattoo, depth of the ink and even the skin colour. If you have a medium-sized tattoo then it will take 5-7 sessions to get rid of it.