Three popular acne treatment techniques

Posted on 03 Sep, 2010

Are you worried because of the state of your acne? This is a common problem during adolescence and afterwards. Given are some of the popular and effective treatment methods for treating acne once and for all.


Several systematic medications are available these days. These medicines, if taken regularly, reduce the acne. The process takes a long time to yield the desired results. Moreover, this method cannot guarantee permanent results. It is important that you consult your doctor before purchasing these medications. Keep in mind that these medications do not work on all patients.

Acne removal creams

Acne removal creams are easily available as over-the-counter drugs. These creams may produce faster results compared to tablets for some patients. Acne removal creams rarely cause any side-effects but again they don’t necessarily work for all who take them.

Laser acne treatment

This is an immensely popular procedure these days. It is well known for its painless nature and minimal side effects. The procedure begins when a surgeon directs the laser over the affected parts. This eliminates the bacteria on the face. The laser also minimises the oil glands. This curbs the spread of acne and reduces acne breakouts.