It is estimated that worldwide around sixty million people suffer from acne. It is a common skin condition. You too may be suffering from this condition but are unsure what treatment to adopt. There are different creams and lotions in the market but none of them can completely cure acne.


There are times when the foods we eat can actually worsen acne. If you continuously consume a diet rich in oils, sugars and carbohydrates, they interfere with the hormonal activity of the body. Foods that are high in oil are known to cause acne on the skin. To prevent acne, one should follow a diet consisting of leafy vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, skimmed milk and lean meats. You should completely avoid oily food if possible.


Any change in the activity of hormones in the body can lead to acne. The hormone androgen is especially responsible for acne breakouts. Androgens are sex hormones and during puberty they become hyperactive. This is the reason why most adolescents suffer from acne. Menstruation and pregnancy are two other instances when a woman will see acne breakouts on the face. This is because during this time, there is a high amount of androgen in the body.


You may not believe it, but a lot of stress can actually lead to acne. Stress produces a hormone known as cortisol which is also known to cause acne.

Laser acne treatment

To cure acne, there can be no other treatment as effective as laser acne treatment. With laser acne treatment, you can get rid of acne marks permanently. Laser acne treatment is a non-invasive procedure and the results are permanent.