Three things to learn about laser tattoo removal treatment

Posted on 15 Sep, 2010

Laser tattoo removal is the safest treatment to get rid of tattoos without much in the way of pain or side effects. This is the reason for the increasing popularity of this treatment. If you are planning to opt for this surgery then here are three things you should know of:

Do not opt for surgery without consultation

The consultation will let you know about many things about your suitability for therapy. Your skin, if sensitive, will require more care and attention as it might react differently to the laser.

The type of ink used will let you know about the effectiveness of treatment. Single-coloured tattoos require fewer treatment sessions than multi-coloured ones. Only your consultant can tell you about the effectiveness of treatment on your tattoo.

Make a note of your current medication

If you are currently on medication then make a note of it. Even if you are taking some medicines for acne or other skin problems then they are to be considered. Medicines you are taking can make you allergic or sensitive to other medicines. Inform the doctor about the medication and then based on the doctor’s approval proceed with laser treatment.

Look for trained professionals

Laser treatment needs to be carefully done. Only a trained professional can examine your skin well and treat it accordingly. He will suggest the medications accordingly.