Time can change attitudes to even the best tattoos

Posted on 06 Jul, 2012

People who get tattoos often think really hard about the design they eventually choose. It is not always just a case of making a snap decision that goes wrong. More often than not, people are completely certain that the tattoo they have chosen is the right one for them and they don’t ever envisage being in the situation where they want to have that tattoo removed.

However, time changes everything. The lucky ones are those that remain happy with their tattoos beyond their twenties and thirties and well into middle age. The design remains relevant and any sentiments therein still hold weight or can be reinterpreted so that they still fit. Of course, not everyone is this lucky when it comes to tattoos.

Some designs do lose their appeal or relevance even though they seemed as though they had such wonderful mileage at the time. In the past, people would just have to live with the mistake, but nowadays laser technology gives people a safe way out. Laser tattoo removal has become popular in recent years because those who have tried it have reported positive experiences and they are glad they gave it a go.