Tips and suggestions for stretch mark removal

Posted on 29 Jan, 2010

One of the most common types of skin problems is stretch marks. They are found mostly on women, but men do also suffer from them. Many women develop stretch marks due to pregnancy, unexpected weight gain, genetics, exercise, diet and hormonal factors too. The most common cause in men is exercise and body-building, as muscle mass is gained quickly.

Common places on the body where stretch marks appear are thighs, stomach, breasts, hips and upper arms. Many women find they have stretch marks after pregnancy, and these do not disappear naturally.
Stretch marks begin as pink or red streaks, but over time they will turn into white or silver scars. These white scars are very difficult to remove at home. Laser therapy is a guaranteed way of removing or reducing your stretch marks.

Laser therapy gets rid of the skin cells in the stretch marks without even affecting the other cells around it. The laser encourages your skin to regenerate and re-grow where the scarred cells were, so your skin will be fresh and new when the stretch marks have gone.
The process is relatively painless, the worst sensation being that of a sharp scratch. Recovery and treatment time varies from person to person, as we each have individual skin types that will react differently to the lasers.