Tips to be followed for stretch mark removal

Posted on 30 Mar, 2010

Stretch marks are a very common type of skin issue in women and even a few men face this issue as well. Many women get stretch marks post-pregnancy, due to genetics, exercise, diet problems, excessive loss or gain in weight and hormonal factors too.

These stretch marks initially appear red or pink in colour. If not treated, they turn into white or silver coloured scars. These scars get very difficult to remove after a certain period of time. In such cases, laser stretch mark removal therapy comes into use. It is considered a boon for those who have been trying different methods of stretch mark removal over the years.

Many women find such marks very embarrassing and find various ways of hiding them by covering them up with clothes or accessories. Laser stretch mark removal has helped women get rid of them in a very effective manner. Most women who have undergone this therapy have seen satisfactory results.

The laser therapy helps in removing the inner layer of the marks without causing any side-effects on the skin. After the surgery, it takes some time for the skin to return to normal. Laser stretch mark removal therapy is growing increasingly popular with a number of people due to the high-levels of effectiveness.