When it comes to unwanted hair removal, a number of different treatments are available. Electrolysis, waxing and shaving are some commonly used methods of hair removal. However, these traditional procedures are not effective in permanently reducing unwanted hair growth. In some cases, these procedures also show some side effects. Laser hair removal is a specially designed treatment to get rid of unwanted hair and as the name suggests, it makes use of laser beams to stop the hair growth in different areas of the body.

The procedure

During the laser hair removal treatment, the doctor uses a hand-held laser device to send out pulsed light of different frequencies. The intensity of the laser disrupts the follicle so that it no longer grows hair. This usually happens within 8-10 days after the treatment.

The hair growth cycle has different stages – growing, shedding and resting. As different hairs have different growth phases, multiple sessions may be required for effective hair removal.

What are the advantages of opting for laser hair removal?

For individuals who want to get smooth, hairless skin, laser hair removal can create a world of difference. After the laser treatment, the hair will be less noticeable and will require little to no waxing or shaving

Laser hair removal treatment is safe and not at all time consuming as a treatment session lasts for only 30-40 minutes. If you always wanted to have smooth skin, devoid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal is the right option to go for.